Planning for a logo is not an easy task, there are many things you have to consider and think about before you decide on a logo that will represent you and your company best. Take your time and do not rush this process, as once you have decided on your logo, you’ll have to stick to it forever. This blog post will provide you with tips that will help you with your process of planning a logo.

1.  Text 

texts for logo

First things first, have you decided the text that you will be incorporating in your logo design? You may be thinking, “Of course, I want my business name on my logo”. However, there is more to just your business name. You have to consider:

  • Is your company name long


  • What you call your company when you answer the phone


  • If you want to include the INC, LLC, etc.

These are 3 important questions to ask when trying to decide exactly what text to include into your logo. Another thing to think of is if you want to add a company slogan onto your logo or not. Of course, this is an option and it is completely up to you. If you do not want a slogan on your logo then that’s fine too.


2.  Emphasize Important Words 

Emphasize on words that represents your business logo

When you have decided on the text that you want to put on your logo, now you have to decided which one of those words you would like to stand out the most. When you are actually designing the logo the more important words will be given a visual emphasize. Also, when picking the words you want to emphasis on your logo, pick words that best represents your company. Pick words that when customers see them they’ll know exactly what your business is about.

Another thing to consider is deciding where you would like to place your most important words in the line of text on your logo. It is best to place them in the front of the line of text, because customers will understand what your company is about as soon as they see the words.

Example: In the logo above the word “SWEETS” is much bigger compared to the other texts below. This is a good example of a logo that is emphasizing on what their business is about. As you have probably guessed, the store sells sweets.


3. Fonts 

picking the right font for your logo is important

There are over 400,000 fonts out there there that you can choose from. There are also plenty of websites on the net that provide you with as many fonts to choose from.

List of websites:




And the list goes on…

Before settling on a font for your logo, think about how you want your logo to feel. There are fonts that are friendly and fun while some are more conservative and traditional. Again, the font should match your business. For example, if you business is an amusement park you’d definitely want to pick a logo that is more fun. However, if you are a law firm, then you need a conservative font to show that you are a serious company.

If you are a company that wants your logo to be everywhere, remember to choose a font style that is eligible for all sorts of printing (t-shirts, signs, tags, etc).


4. Letter Case Preference

 important to place your upper case and lower case appropriately when picking a logo

It is important to place your upper case and lower case appropriately. Inappropriate letter case placing makes the sentence hard to read.  And that is the last thing you want! IMAGINE IF ALL YOUR TEXT WAS IN CAPS! Isn’t it a bit overwhelming and hard to read at a glance? Although it is easier to design your logo with all upper case letters, it is not recommended. Take some time to think of the best place to place your upper and lower case letters and where it would work best in your logo, allowing viewers to read the business name with ease.


5. Icons 

icons for logo

Icons are strictly optional. It is completely okay for a logo to be created solely on words and letters. But, if you want to be a little bit more fancy, here are some sites where you can get icon inspirations from.



Or you can always visit good old Pinterest!


6. Arrangement

 the perfect arrangement for your text and icon in your logo is very important

For the perfect arrangement for your text and icon in your logo, combine step 1 to 5.

If you have decided to go with only text in your logo then you’ll have to decide how you would like to place the texts. Do you want it stacked? Or divided? However, if you have decided that you are going with an icon and text placed onto your logo, choose a shape that appeals to you would be the next step to take.


7. Sketch Your Idea

sketch out different ways your logo could look

By now, you probably might already have a few logo design ideas already. Now its time to put them down on paper. Take some time to sketch out different ways your logo could look just so you can have a rough idea of what it will physically look like. Don’t worry if you do not have an artsy bone in your body because it is not necessary for a detailed sketch. Your sketch will help the designer have a better understanding of what you want your logo to look like.


8. Colours

find a colour palette for your logo that incorporates well with your brand

The last step of planning before you go off to meet with your designer is to find a colour palette that incorporates well with your brand. Try to make a list of colours you like and also evokes emotions related to your business and brand. Head over to Design Seeds for colour inspiration. Not to mention, colour inspiration can be found everywhere! In the office, at home and outdoors, we are surrounded by colours!


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